Friday, February 24, 2017

Matty B: Mini Rapper with Giant Talent

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It is true that talent can be found in various places. Nowadays, talent search show is pretty popular among the audience but it does not mean that it is the only place where people can find the talent. In fact, the talent can be found on the internet as well thanks to the wide options for sharing the works including YouTube. Superstar like Justin Bieber was also started from YouTube. It seems like there will be more and more talent appear from this platform.
Nowadays, there is sensation in the hip hop world comes from YouTube. The amazing thing is that the sensation is eight year old boy named Matty B. We can say that he is the mini rapper from YouTube. He becomes sensation because he covered Born This Way by Lady Gaga. That is why mattyb lady gaga cannot be separated one another. He made people attracted to his video because he made the video for proving that fun dance music can also be done by the kids.

He has a big dream actually because this mini rapper wants to be rapper, dancer, and artist when he grows up. He said that her rapping was started at 7 years old but he has been dancing since very young.

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