Friday, February 24, 2017

Lady Gaga for Spice Girls Reunion?

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There was a time when boy bands and girl bands became in trend very much. Many teenagers all around the world are absorbed in the vibe of boy band and girl band idolizing. However, the story about the boy band and girl band breakup was very often as well. Even the huge band such as Spice Girls that have massive fans all around the world finally had to go separately in the entertainment world.
The teenagers are already grownups nowadays but they still miss the time when they became the fans of the Spice Girls. Each member has their personal project and career. However, the expectation that this girl band will be reunited is increasing recently especially after Mel B becomes the judge for America Got Talent. Public wants to see the phenomenal girl band back to the entertainment world. That is why they are following mel b instagram and other social media platforms. Now, the wait is over because it is confirmed by Mel B that the girl band will make reunion.

Unfortunately, the reunion will not be with complete members because Victoria Beckham and Mel C will not join this great moment. However, there is great hope that mel b lady gaga becomes part of the reunion especially since Baby Spice share her singing together with Mother Monster.

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